From Poor Sales/Profits to a Rising Business

As an entrepreneur, if you don’t make profit, then you are not in business. This can be very frustrating to many entrepreneurs. Meet one entrepreneur who details her experience and how she came out of such a nightmare.

Abbey Christina is a bayam sellam (Eru, water leave, and water fufu at the Rial market in Douala- Cameroon. 

Abbey, in her own words, explained the ordeal her business has gone through: ” when I just started this business, I did not have enough capital and things were so difficult, especially as I made very little profits and sometimes, not at all for weeks. I tried all I could to remedy the situation but all attempts were seemingly fruitless. Disappointed and discouraged, I did not know what to do. But when I met with COSDEF Group LTD, and heard about the services from business training, to technical support and facilitating access to financing, I said to myself, why not give it a try. That is how I became an active member of COSDEF Group LTD community”

Addey further explains how much impact COSDEF Group has had on her, her family and her business:”I have been part of the COSDEF Group since 2021 and after proper follow up, technical support and I got to benefit from the access to business financing.

when I got the business financing opportunity, I used it to increase my capital so I can buy more to sell. That money has taken me from one small table to several tables, with  more goods to sell. I am very thankful to COSDEF Group for the technical support and facilitating access to financing for me”

Addey’s  business growth also had a positive impact on her family and she explained how:” The growth I have experienced in my business has greatly increased my living standard. I can now pay my children’s school fees without much difficulty, they can now also eat well and dress well. Thanks to the technical support and increase in business capital, I am a much happier business woman now, than when I started.”

COSDEF Group remains committed to serve SME owners by providing them with proper business training, coaching, concurrent support and facilitating access to financing. COSDEF Group has served 500+ SME owners. 

COSDEF Group Team. 

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