From Crisis to a Thriving Small Business Owner – Mr. Getswin

Victims of any crisis are always left with a broken spirit. This is the case with one among the thousands of victims of the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, he explains how his broken spirit was revived with so much hope.

Mr. Getswin Is a shop owner (selling imported goods and selling ice cream) at Ancient Route in Douala.

Running away from the “Anglophone Crisis” in the Northwest region of Cameroon, he had to come to Douala for safety.

According to Getswin: “This crisis has greatly affected my family’s negativity. My brother has been missing ever since till today, we have not heard of his whereabouts. This has left us all in so much pain and uncertainty as to whether we will ever get to see him again”.

Getswin further explained that:” living in the Northwest amidst the crisis was very risky, as I cannot really be sure of seeing the next day because of the shootings and killings and kidnappings. I had to do everything possible to leave. When the opportunity showed up, I grabbed it with both hands and I left for Douala where I can hustle. I started a business to sell imported goods which was not really making the profits and growth that I was looking for because I had limited capital, until I met COSDEF Group LTD”.

Mr. Getswin at his business premises in the morning setting up for the business day

In a bit to give an insight of how much COSDEF Group LTD has been of great help to him, he had this to say: “Through COSDEF financial management coaching, I started a savings plan which operated for 2 years under their supervision, and this enabled me to build credibility and discipline which they facilitated access to finance to the sum of 450 000FCFA to invest in my business. Because of this financing, I was able to get more goods for my shop and also an ice cream machine which I added as part of my business”.

Getswin’s advise to those in a similar situation of trying to start or grow their businesses is that: “For those who are finding difficulties in starting a business or expanding an already existing one, should know that COSDEF Group is where they would want to go for the help that they need from business advice to training to access to business finance”


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