Mr. Lambi Building From Ground-Up After Running From Crisis

Being a victim of any crisis as a family person is the worst thing to ever go through and you are not just responsible for yourself and safety alone, but also for that of your wife and children.

Mr. Lambi Benard operates a Meat Soya stand at Ancient Route in Douala.

Running away with his family from the “Anglophone Crisis”  from the Northwest region of Cameroon, he had to take refuge in Douala. 

According to Lambi:” This crisis left a huge sense of fear and insecurity in me and my family. Living in a place where there is constant raiding of neighborhoods and houses, we could not have any sound sleep. We slept with an eye open, just to keep watch”.

Lambi further explained:” There were times when prolonged ghost town days made it very difficult for me and my family to go to the farm and that resulted in us not being able to feed properly. Hunger and near death became the order of the day. I really did not see myself continuing to live in such an environment with my family, so I had to look for every means for us to escape. When the time was right, we escaped and are now taking refuge here in Douala”.

Mr. Lambi at his Meat Soya Stand Get Ready for the Business Day

Lambi further explained his stingless while in Douala: “Being a family man, I had to do everything possible to take care of my family, so I got into the meat soya business where I roast and sell beef. This business is a common one among the people here in Douala and the competition was really huge, especially because I just escaped the crisis and am not good with the French language. My business was not really doing well as I wanted, until I had an encounter with COSDEF Group LTD”.

Lambi recounted his experience with COSDEF Group LTD and how much help he has received in growing his business and taking care of his family:” Their advice helped me to have a good savings plan. And through their follow up, they enabled me to get access to finance of 100.000frs which I used to invest in my business. I am very positive of the growth my business keeps experiencing”.

 Lambi went ahead to give his recommendation: “COSDEF Group LTD is a good partner in working with small and medium sized businesses to empower them with technical skills and access to finance to grow” 

COSDEF Group LTD Team 

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