“Free Business Training & Financing Changed My Business”

Hustling is one fundamental ingredient that makes up a good business person. You have to hustle till you make it. This is the story of one of such hustlers.

Antem Veronique owns a provision store at Maison Blanch-Mabanda in Douala.

She explains what it’s like to hustle your way into financial freedom.

Here is what she had to say: “I have lived here in Douala for many years, and it has not been easy on me and my family. There are days we would go without food and other times, we just eat anything that we can lay our hands on. I was able to start a small provision store business, but that on its own could not still sustain my family, but what else could I have done, other than to continue with the business ?”.

Veronique continues to detail her struggle and here is what she had to say:” After several setbacks with my business, I then got to meet COSDEF Group. I started by doing daily savings and later got access to a business financing facility of 1.000.000frs to invest in and expand my business”.

Veronique further explains how she used the financing to grow her business, this is what she had to say: “When I took the funds, I immediately looked for a bigger place for my business. I increased my stock and I also started a Cafeteria. In just four months, I have been able to have a huge turnover, all thanks to the funds I accessed through COSDEF Group LTD. I can now take better care of my family and children without worrying too much of what the future holds for us”.

She then went further to say this: “My growth and expansion is not just because of the financing only, it is also primarily because of the training on business growth strategies, customer management and more that I have been able to go through at CELBMD Africa that made all of this possible. If I only took the money without the training, I am not sure of how well I would have used the money to grow my business. So, a big thanks to CELBMD Africa for the free transforming trainings”.

In showing her appreciation to COSDEF Group LTD, she has this to say:” I want to thank COSDEF Group LTD so much for facilitating access to the finance, and I want to call the attention of those who are finding it difficult in their hustle, to quickly go to COSDEF Group LTD and be a part of it”.

COSDEF Group LTD Communication Team 

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