“I Have Expanded into a Bigger Place With Huge Stocks”

When we talk about a woman being the nurturer of her home, Pisherie is a clear example.

Based in Douala with her family, Jotio Sago Pusherie has gone through a whole lot of challenges to be able to fend for her kids and support the smooth running of her home with her business.

She got her hands into several businesses and finally ended up operating a snack business at Entre Nangha-Bonaberi.

Her business was at the level where she was struggling to stay operational, not until she got to know about COSDEF Group LTD.

In her own words she explained how that encounter changed her business and by default, her life and family: “I would say, I met COSDEF Group LTD at a point in my life and business that was just perfect. They were the “Destiny Helpers” I really needed and was waiting and praying for. Having been with them for about a year, I have benefited from orientation and business financing 4 times which is why I am where I am with my business.”

She went further to say that: “The first business financing I got was to restock my shop because it was really small and kind of”empty “. But when I got the financing of 500.000frs and invested in my business, I experienced a certain level of growth and profits.”

Pusherie further explained how she made good use of the other business financing she got:” The other business financing that I got were 900.000frs, 700.000frs and 500.000frs. All of this was invested primarily in my business which has grown into a very lucrative one. Now I have expanded into a bigger place with huge stocks. With this I am able to take proper care of my children and give them a much better life.”

Pusherie’s advice for small business persons is so inviting: “I want to say that, if you are looking for somewhere you can get the right business support from business knowledge, skills and financing I recommend you go to COSDEF Group LTD”

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