“I Serve More Customers, I Make More Profit”

Yumbi Yvette owns an eatery at Entre Nangha, Bonaberi- Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon.

Yvette explained how she started her business: “This business has been the primary source of livelihood for my family, though it was at a very low scale. I had to struggle to make ends meet, and in my struggle, was when I met with COSDEF Group LTD. This was where I got the business orientation and business financing to invest in my business.”

Yvette further explained that: “I have benefited from the business financing 3 times, the first being 500.000frs, the second, 150.000frs and the third, 350.000frs. The financing was used to add capital to my business, which expanded it greatly. I now have a much bigger place and serve more customers, as a result, make more profit. Thanks to the financing facilitated by COSDEF Group LTD, I was also able to send my children to school as well, because of the rapid turnover in my business.”

Yvette strongly advised that: “for those who are in need of an institution where they will benefit from technical support, training and business financing facilitation, COSDEF Group LTD is where I would want them to go.”

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