” My Dream of Becoming An Entrepreneur Manifested” – Chrisco Fon

Fondzewong Chrysanthus a.k.a  Chrisco Fon is the Founder and CEO of ServenStudios. He is skilled in and gets to serve as video director, photographer editor, director graphics designer and an artist just to name the few  

He started his full professional journey in 2008  back in Kumbo as an artist and a radio engineer and editor/ reporter  alongside as a music producer (audiovisual).

Chrisco in his own words recounts his journey as a wannabe Entrepreneur and how that brought him to knowing COSDEF Group LTD: ” In 2014 I began developing a brand for himself as a videographer and editor and in 2018 I experienced a mind shift which got me into photography and designing, then later on stood out as an entrepreneur, and that was when “Serven Studios” was born. But to bring this vision into reality was where the major challenge was for me.”

He went further to give details about his journey, and here is what he had to say: ” Fortunately enough for me, that was the time I got to meet with COSDEF Group LTD. By the grace of God, I was able to get business financing of 250.000frs in 2021, which I used to buy a camera, lens,  because I understood that I was already in business and I would have to get my own equipment, if I must realize my dreams. I am so so grateful to COSDEF Group LTD for helping me access finance and technical training.”

He went ahead to explain that: ” Having a vision and trying to establish myself as an entrepreneur, I did not find it easy at all, especially as I had no place to work from, so, I was “on the move”. But I knew deep down that the financing I took and was able to get the things I got to start my business with, was the first step to becoming the Entrepreneur I dreamed of becoming. There were times I really got so discouraged about everything and I began to think that  all of what I have gotten, the time and energy and money, were all a waste and it was a very big mistake that I made.”

Becoming an entrepreneur is tough and demanding, with terrifying challenges. Chrisco made mention of some of those challenges and in his own words he said: ” My major challenge was that of visibility, gaining customers and being known. Even the ones who got to come, I still had no studio to work in with them, and I was still limited when it came to equipment. So, seeing customers come and go because of these limitations, got me so frustrated. This pushed me to leave my comfort zone and meet friends from whom I could rent other equipment and even their studios, just so I can stay in business. But moments came when  even those friends of mine refused to rent me their equipment and their studios. This marked the height of my frustrations.”

His determination to make it in life and business was so strong, stronger than even the challenges and frustrations and this was what he had to say: ” But I thought to myself, why not become independent and stand on your own and get your own place and better equipment. So, I came back to COSDEF Group LTD and got another financing of 500.000frs which by God’s grace, was granted. So, I used it to get better equipment and set up my own studio. And this took me one step closer to fulfilling my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. At this point in my life, I was already part of a community call “VIP winners”. They served as a huge customer base for my business. All of this was made possible by God who made it possible for me to get access to business financing to be granted and effectively in bringing “SevenStudios” into reality.

In conclusion, he said: ” I am in the business of BRANDING. I am out to brand businesses and personalities and a whole lot more. I look forward to partnerships and partnering with event planners, other  businesses and individuals who we can work together collaboratively for growth.”

For partnership and other deals, you can get to Chrisco through:

– Tel: +237 677052747,

– Email:  fonchrisco@gmail.com

– Facebook:  Chrisco Fon.


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