“I am Able to Sponsor my Daughter to School Through my Small Business “

Mama Neba Florence is a “buyam sellam” of palm oil in the Mabanda market of Douala.

Haven lived in Douala for over 15 years but originally from the North West region of Cameroon, This business has been the primary source of livelihood for her family, though it was at a very low scale of a few bottles of oil, which she did not really make any substantial profit out of it.

According to mama, when she encountered COSDEF Group and she engaged in COSDEF activities, she was actually able to get financing, which she used, in investing into her business.

Mama Neba further explained in her own words: “I took the first financing of 50.000 FRS to invest into my business so that I can be able to buy more gallons of oil to resell. This did not remedy the situation, as I still was not making a reasonable profit. So, I then decided to go in for the second and third refinancing of 80.000 FRS and 150.000frs.These financing were very helpful in increasing my stock purchase and I was able to make some profits which helped me in sending my daughter to school.”

She went further to explain how helpful the financing was to her, and this is what she had to say: “with life becoming more difficult with the inflation, I had to make ends meet. I then went in for another financing, which COSDEF was able to grant for me. I took three more financing at different intervals; there was a 300.000 FRS and 400.000 FRS twice.  These refinancing enabled me to start buying palm oil in drums. With this quantity, I was able to make even better profits which I used in taking care of my family.”

Mama Neba strongly advised that: ” for those who are in need of an institution that will provide training and business financing opportunities, they should be part of an institution like CODSEF Group” 

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