“My Business Now Has Higher Purchasing”

This is Che Carine Lum, she is a buyam sellam who deals in the sales of eru and water fufu, palm oil, corn and beans (Food stuff) at marche Mambanda-Douala. She is originally from the North West Region of Cameroon and lives at Quatre Étage with her family, being blessed with four kids.

She has been a client with COSDEF Group and here is what she had to say about her encounter with COSDEF: ”I have lived here I Douala for many years, and it has not been easy on my family and me. Selling what I sell has been very difficult especially as I really did not get reasonable profits and not enough money to put back in the business. This made life very tough for me and my family, especially for my children.”

Frida went on to explain how she got to know COSDEF Group: “I got to meet with COSDEF in 2020. From there, I was able to actively engage and got my first business financing of 50.000frs, which I used to add to my business. I then began to experience a small level of growth, but was not really significant, so I remained actively engaged which led me to getting refinancing, of 50.000frs, 80.000frs, 150.000frs then 300.000frs twice so I could expand my business and record significant growth, which I did. This now was to an extent able to help me take better care of my family, providing my children with their necessary needs, so they can grow up healthy and strong.”

Frida further went on to say that: “Thanks to COSDEF financing and technical support I now have a much higher purchasing power and I can now also make even better profits which all goes back to give my family a better life. I highly recommend COSDEF” 

For more information contact COSDEF Group LTD at +237674949153

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