An Amazing Track Record of Excellence.

COSDEF Group Social Innovation Enterprise has An amazing track record of designing corporate solutions that help institutions break growth barriers.

But we don’t end there, we go a step further to work with the key stakeholders in these communities and nations like Startups, Small and Medium Size Enterprises, NGOs, Corporate Institutions and Individuals (Leaders & Executives).Every individual and institution want to reach new levels of success, at COSDEF Group we have the expertise of creating innovative, comprehensive and efficient programs that promote real success leading to high energy corporate cultures and consistently Improving business performance

Our Believe

The key to a successful training initiative is planning. According to research, neglecting the upfront planning processes for corporate training can impact project cost and timeline negatively, by up to 30%.

Our training consultants utilize a variety of assessment methodologies to ensure your training initiatives meet your business objectives. Learn more about our training consulting processes.


Our Result Effective Processes


Answer Analysis

The success of any large training project depends first on what you know before you begin. Our training consultants can help you quickly and effectively determine how to target, execute and achieve business objectives with COSDEF Group’s in-depth ANSWER analysis process.

Training Assessment

Training assessments are vital to understanding how corporate training programs influence business initiatives. Defining success and how it will be measured is crucial to the success of any training program. We are one of the finest and experienced firms in the industry.

Learners Need Discovery

Our experience as a training company and conducting learning assessments over the past years has allowed us to develop best practices and processes for a variety of projects from long-term, in-depth engagements to simple consultative reviews. Our training consultants offer services to determine which type of learner activity will further your business objectives.


We are committed to exceeding your expectations by providing unique attention through our ever-innovative and excellent programs leading to the unmatched growth of not only skill but also attitude, commitment, and focus.