-Ashu Ayem Maureen Akorsong

Wikajobs Career Management Firm Manager

Nkumbe Maureen is  a very passionate team player, a Bachelor degree holder in CST Economics from the University of Buea  with 10 years of working experience cutting through banking, insurance,water utilities and NGO. she is a certified corporate and national volunteer from the National Civic Service Agency for Participation in Developement (NCSAPD) under the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education Cameroon.

Her Community  is her legacy and she works hard to lead by example thus giving hope to the younger generation. As a job analyst, she tracks important metrics, monitor the effectiveness of online marketing strategies, onsite content and user experience. She also research and input current job opportunities with complete descriptions like job title and designation, educational qualifications for that title, the nature of duties and operations to be performed in that job, location and contact details.