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COSDEF GROUP presently comprise of four   subsidiaries namely The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa – The Pan African Professional Skills Development Center, Wikajobs Career Management Firm, CAMMICS – Mobile Microfinance, and SkillStudy. We are committed to designing & redefining solutions that last to solve Africa’s problems like poverty in rural areas, unemployment, skills deficiency, community under-development to transform lives, communities & nations.


The four innovations changing Africa

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The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Business Management Development (CEL-BMD) Africa – The Pan African Professional Skills Development Center is an International Center of choice for skills/competency-based Professional Executive Training/Development


SkillStudy – E-Learning

An e-Learning education platform with the objective of providing quality skill education and professional training  for personal development, Career or workplace efficiency. Making education available by leveraging on digital technology.

CAMMICS – FinTech Bank

an innovative rural investment micro finance institution (FinTech Social Enterprise) using mobile technology to increase financial inclusiveness in rural areas among rural and semi-urban women and youths who are considered “unbanked” by formal financial institutions


Wika Career Village

WikaCareerVillage is an innovative smart solution for solving unemployment issues in African. It is a one-stop shop for identifying, developing and impacting Africa’s labor force, link career opportunities to Africans, improving workplace efficiency.



A software, web/mobile application developing company providing tech innovative enterprise solutions for African businesses. AFA Designs is one of the leading enterprise developers for many businesses in Africa, over 200+ clients served after just year of operation.

Other Initiatives

COSDEF Group runs several social innovative initiatives targeting a particular group of people (Communities). At COSDEF Group, we innovates not just for profit but to better the communities. We continue to create durable solutions that will nake like equal and comfortable for all people


We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers

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